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True value Pharmacy offers a range of affordable pet medicines to help you manage your pet’s health while making substantial savings. Some of these products require a prescription from your veterinarian, while some are over the counter (OTC).

View the 'Medications by Condition' below to see the Pet Meds available through True value Pharmacy.

Use the search box at the top of the page to type the name of the product you require and click 'SEARCH'. Once you have located the product you require, you will see it either has a green 'Rx', indicating you need a veterinarian's prescription or an orange 'OTC' indicating you do not.

Medications by Condition

Cats and Dogs


Addisons Disease



Eye Care (Glaucoma)

Flea and Tick

Liver Fibrosis


Skin Care

Worms and Parasites



Gastric Ulcers

Respiratory Care



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