About True Value Pharmacy

Your access to quality, low cost International Drugs


The online pharmacy service provided by True Value Pharmacy gives international customers access to low priced medicines backed by world class customer service and support.

True Value Pharmacy provides access to fulfillment centers that source low priced, quality medicines from different countries around the world.

To give you comfort and to keep you fully informed, the country the drug being ordered is sourced and dispensed from is clearly shown during the ordering process.

For further assurance products are dispensed from reputable, licensed fulfillment centers staffed by qualified pharmacists that have many years experience supplying medicines to international customers.

The lower prices are available because the price of the same medicine, manufactured and marketed by the same pharmaceutical company can vary significantly from country to country. The brand name and generic medicines listed are sold in different countries around the world. The packaging and the product may appear slightly different than you are used to purchasing from your local drugstore but you can be confident they contain the same active pharmaceutical ingredient as the medicine you purchase locally.

Online Pharmacy System

True Value Pharmacy specializes in professional and secure mail order medicine for customers wanting to purchase low priced, quality medicines from the convenience and comfort of their own home. You can place your order online or call us and one of our friendly customer service representatives will take your order by phone.

To protect your safety, and to verify that you are under the care of a professionally qualified medical doctor, you must fax your prescription toll free to: 1-800-840-3056, or email your prescription to us, before your order can be processed. Your order is then shipped by one of our licensed fulfilment centers directly to your door. This online pharmacy system has been working successfully for many years supplying low cost, quality medicines to customers worldwide, and has proven to be convenient and reliable.

Experience That Counts backed with Guarantees

True Value Pharmacy has a reputation for reliability that is hard to beat. It means that we provide you with a way to access low priced, quality medicines from a source that has earned the trust of customers worldwide. Our determination to honor this trust and to protect our reputation True Value Pharmacy provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee - If for any reason you do not receive your order, or if you are unhappy with the products received, you have the right to get your money back! It's as simple as that.

For a reliable online pharmacy service that gives you access to low priced, quality medicines place your order now with True Value Pharmacy.

Call Toll Free: 1-800-845-3960
Fax Toll Free: 1-800-840-3056